Wednesdays are back!

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1,2,3,4,5,6yrs olds are all back on a wednesday and is was great to see new children in the classes and returning friends.

I have a few books and CD’s left so if you would like one, please see me on Wednesday (as I have given my clerical assistant the day off).

Have a lovely weekend.

Lovely to be back!


I was great to see everyone today.  I was so impressed by the children in all 3 classes.  They remembered so much and were very gentle with me (the older ones hugged me one by one – not the usual charging!)

I did have a wee nap this afternoon but am feeling surprisingly okay.

Looking forward to starting the Wednesday classes now.


Ready to sing!


Really looking forward to seeing everyone this Friday! My right arm is in full plaster (and completely useless) but the rest of me is working fine.  Because of this, I will have an assistant in all my classes – even with the 1yr + 2yr olds.

Wednesday classes will start on the 17th – hurray!!

My bassoon is on extended holiday – it’s going to be a while before I can play again.

See you all very soon (might have some facial bruising so you could mention this to your child(ren) if they are old enough to understand)


On the mend…

??????????????????????????????????????? Many thanks to everyone for all their kinds thoughts and good wishes.  I am certainly feeling better having had a very quiet week and my facial bruising has almost gone.  Another week and I might look normal!  My right arm is still completely useless but I have a hospital appointment this Friday so will  find out how long the cast will be on for and when the physiotherapy will start.

See you all very soon I hope. x



New term dates – 12th & 17th September

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 18.41.49

Due to my cycle accident last week I will be starting my classes in a few weeks to give my broken arm and battered face some time to heal.

Thanks for all your good wishes and kind thoughts – I aim to make a speedy recovery!


Songs and Games 2014

A belated thank you to everyone for all the lovely cards, gifts and flowers I received at the end of term. It’s an absolute pleasure to teach the children and I am always surprised by how quickly the year flies in and we are singing our last songs in June.

I am dotting around Scotland this summer and will be in Glasgow during the Games (very excited about the influx of visitors). After that I am zipping up to play at Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival in Beauly. The theme this year is Steampunk so I am busy assembling my outfit and learning Steampunk songs!  Then on 17th August I will head to Galway to so some Colourstrings training (I qualified as a CS Instructor last year so am more involved in the training of future CS teachers).

I will be in touch with everyone before classes start again on Friday 29th August and Wednesday 3rd September.

Have a lovely summer wherever you are.


Summer is here!

What a lovely end to the term! This week has been full of great singing and wonderful classes. Thank you all so much for supporting your children (and me!) throughout the year.

I hope you have a great summer and will be in touch again in mid August with information about the new term.


June Dates

It’s nearly the end of the summer block. Classes finish on Wed 18 and Fri 20 June. If you have a child in a 3, 4,or 5yr old class, please remember to come and watch the last class.
I gave out registration forms last week with information about class times from August. Please return it with a £10 deposit (per child) so I know which class you would like to attend.
Let’s hope for a bit more sunshine in June!