About Colourstrings

Why choose a Colourstrings Music Class?

It is an internationally acclaimed approach to teaching music and highly respected by musicians and music teachers the world over. It is a child centred approach that engages the imagination of the child at the earliest age.

It is not a franchise and to be a qualified Colourstrings teacher you need to be a music graduate and have gained the teaching qualification, which takes at least a year.

How can parents/carer’s help?

Babies to 3 year olds

Adults are needed to participate with their child, assisting them with activities. Songs and rhymes can be re-inforced at home (handouts will be given).

3 to 6 year olds

Parents can encourage singing and rhyming at home to re-inforce learning and enjoyment of the class. Singing Rascal CD’s can be played at home/in the car to help learn songs.

Why is it called Colourstrings?

It is based on a visual approach to teaching violin and cello which was developed by two Hungarian brothers – Géza and Csaba Szilvay – in the early 1970’s in Finland.

The visual approach (changing the colours of the music stave) revolutionised teaching of strings in Finland and led to the development of the pre5 classes where singing is at the heart of learning.