Have a lovely summer!


Thank you for all the lovely gifts and flowers – they were much appreciated.  It has been an unexpected year, starting it as I did with such a bad accident.  I am not planning on doing that again.  I haven’t yet been back on my bicycle yet but hope to do so this summer.

I am really pleased to be back playing the bassoon (even though I only have 9 working fingers – I am just  missing the low notes for the time being).  If I keep playing and my nerves keep regenerating, I will hopefully be fully functional again in the not too distant future (but realistically, next year).

Thank you for all your patience in having a wounded teacher last Autumn.  I know the children coped fine and were more interested in my sling and new glasses rather than my bashed face and plastered arm.

I have loved teaching all my classes from the babies up to the P2’s.  Each year group brings new challenges and joy and the singing keeps us all going.

The last class with my P2’s was particularly emotional as many of the children I had taught since they were 12 months old.  I think their parents need a medal for bringing them for 6 years!  They have been fabulous and I will miss them.

I will be in touch with everyone in August before classes start on Friday 21 and Wednesday 26.  Happy Summer!