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Colourstrings Music Classes


All children love to sing and make music. Colourstrings Music Classes gives your child the opportunity to enjoy music from the earliest possible age. It is a fully integrated approach to music education and provides an enjoyable introduction to music by using songs, rhymes, actions, games, percussion instruments, puppets and movement to music.

Based on the Hungarian composer and music educationalist Kodály’s principles of teaching, this approach takes children on a wonderful adventure through Musicland where they develop their sense of pitch, rhythm and pulse. Basic music concepts such as high/low, loud/quiet, fast/slow are introduced at different stages, always at an age-appropriate level.

“The smaller the child, the more easily they learn, the less they forget”, Zoltán Kodály


Why is it called Colourstrings?

The Hungarian brothers Géza and Csaba Szilvay developed the Colourstrings approach to teaching music in the early 1970’s in Finland where they were teaching violin and cello. They based their teaching methods on Kodály’s original principles of teaching music where singing is at the heart of learning.

Their visual approach (changing the colours of the music staves) revolutionised the teaching of strings in Finland and out of the string teaching the child centred kindergarten (pre5) programme was born.


How can parents / carers help?

Parents or carers of children are requested to participate with their child up to the age of three, assisting them with activities and singing. Handouts will be given with words to rhymes and songs so that they can be re-inforced at home.

At the age of three when children attend the class without their parents, it is recommended that parents encourage the singing and rhyming at home to re-inforce the enjoyment of these activities.

Research has shown that music aids the overall development of a child. It develops your child’s musical skills as well as help develop their co-ordination, concentration, confidence, emotional development, social skills and listening skills.


Singing Rascal Books and CDs

In every class we sing songs from a Singing Rascal book which provide simple tunes and lovely pictures for the children to enjoy. The books provide an excellent foundation from which the children gradually experience more complicated musical concepts as they get older. There are three books (Pentatonic, La and Do). These are the only books you need to purchase as we use them with all the different age groups.

colourstrings“The most simple instruments is the voice. Everybody has a voice. There is no cost for an instrument, and the only need is a competent, good teacher”
Zoltan Kodály

“Naheed is a very dynamic teacher who captures the children’s attention from the word go.  Not only are the classes fun, but it is amazing how they gradually build up a strong musical foundation and set of skills”

Ruth Downes, parent of Malcolm and Ross


Why choose a Colourstrings Music Class?

The Colourstrings approach to teaching music is internationally acclaimed and highly respected by musicians and music teachers the world over. It is a child centred approach that engages the imagination of the child at the earliest age.

It is not a franchise and to be a qualified Colourstrings teacher you need to be a music graduate and have gained the teaching qualification, which takes at least a year.